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Private Lessons with Dave Urquidez

Anyone interested in advancing faster than group classes allow or wanting to compete at any level and in any style of dancing should consider taking private lessons.  Individuals, couples or your private group enjoy the success of focused attention from Dave - increasing the speed you learn new patterns and advance your technique.  Whatever style - Latin, Ballroom, Country Western and Swing - there are competitions coming up ready for you to show your stuff!

Private lessons offer individual training and coaching for either singles or couples.  The benefits of private dance lessons include

 * One-on-one attention from the instructor

 * Greater opportunity for answers to questions, concerns, issues

 * Fast-track learning because of direct assistance

 * Greater development of precision in lead/follow skills

 * Allowing the instructor to fine-tune technique (such as posture and frame)

 * Greater attention to nuance and styling

 * Time spent together as a couple (a good choice for wedding dance classes)

Private lessons available for singles, couples or groups - contact Dave and discuss your dancing goals so he can set up a schedule to achieve them with fun and exercise as well!

Private lessons are available by appointment only.

 * Wedding Package $250.00 includes one hour free pre-consultation, choreography to the dance of your choice and five hours of private instruction.